Dedicated to producing high quality, high performance surfboards, tailored to fit you.

Our Story.

Shipshape surfboards was established in 2012 by George Burras on the South coast of England. Being a skateboarder for a long time before discovering surfing, he found that he couldn't find a surfboard that replicated that skateboard feel. So he took a saw to an old 6',2" cut the tail square, rounded the nose and added some extra rocker and wrapped it in boat glass ! Since then he has learnt a lot more about the fundamentals of a surfboard and taken them traveling around the world. After shaping his first real board with UK board builder Darren Prior in South West France, George started building boards that give you the ability to make the most of the temperamental waves found on the South Coast of England. Inspired by Bob Simmons hydro-planing hull designs, the #spongebong was born. This is still George's favourite shape to surf and build. Other inspiration has come from skateboarding, surf, travel and time spent in surfboard factories.

All surfboards are built in converted shipping containers on the South Coast of England using only the finest materials.

More waves = Better everything.

It's all about getting waves and having a good time doing it; that's what we're all about at Shipshape Surfboards. Having a board built to fit you and the waves you regularly surf will increase your wave count and after that, everything falls into place. If you are a beginner or an experienced surfer we can create a board that will help take your surfing to the next level. If you have any questions regarding your next board, we're always happy to help.

Want to ride for Shipshape Surfboards?

Interested in being a non competitive team rider? We are looking for someone with an original style and passion for riding a wide variety of boards to help us develop our shapes. When we find the right ambassador, we can help them to progress their own surfing as they sample and fine tune our latest designs. If you think you could be that person, get in touch with us today.